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Grain Tasting

Posted 2/22/2016 3:38pm by Susan Barclay.

Elizabeth Dyck explains how a grain tasting works: “I will serve spoonsful of heritage red and white wheat, buckwheat, rye, barley and also the ancient grains spelt, einkorn and emmer, all of them steamed, just as you would rice."People are surprised and delighted by flavors they find--or don't find,' she says. "Rye for example, you might associate with an aggressive flavor. Instead it's delicate and sweet." Getting to know the grains this way, she says, can serve as an 'opening wedge,' tempting people into the kitchen to prepare them in delicious, uncomplicated ways. She says these blind tastings have won over chefs, bakers and home cooks alike at New York events. She expects a lively discussion, which she'll guide. Tasters in Pittsburgh will also blind-taste two loaves, baked with two of Dyck's special grains grown on one farm, trying to discern differences between them. They’ll blind-taste three crackers, each baked with a different ancient grain.

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