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Farmers @ Firehouse Market

September 7th, 2013 9:00pm - 1:00pm
Farmers @ Firehouse   
No Demo--See Slow Food Pittsburgh at The Big Pour along with
Mon Aimee Chocolat and PAMade Cheese!
Back Next Week:
Pucker Brush Farm

PAMade Cheese--see them at The Big Pour!


Silver Wheel --You'll be missed. 



FIGS! Next Life, Goose Creek.

'SHROOMS! Jon Cingota: For all you mycophiles--The Hedgehog. Plus, the aptly-named Lactarius deliciosus--Delicious Lactarri, Common Lactarri, Maitake (Sheepshead), limited chix of woods and all the other usuals.

SUMMER'S BEST NEW BITE:Motts: Shishito peppers, scroll down, how to cook 'em.  

Next Life: pole beans, conventional apples. limited Watermelon, figs, edible flowers.  
Goose Creek: Riot of figs, sunflowers & cut flowers.. 
Blue Goose Farm: corn, squash blossoms, Hungarian peppers. 
 Blackberry Meadows: Berries, tomatillos, ground cherries.
Goose Creek: Figs, chard, lettuce, French sorrel. Flowers, sunflowers. 
  Next Life: Tons tomatoes, Asian and European eggplant, Sweet & Hot Peppers. Figs. Dahlias.  .
Blue Goose: Sweet & hot peppers, lettuces, onions, leeks, potatoes, SQUASH BLOSSOMS.
 tomatoes, squash, eggplant.
Motts: Tons heirloom tomatoes inc. cherries; tons spuds inc fingerling and purple, tons onions inc tropea and shallots; many kinds garlic inc elephant, variety cukes. Chard, lettuce, endive. Asian mustard.  Squash, many Italian types.  SHISHITO peppers, scroll down, recipe. 
Shiso, basil, thai basil, parsley, other herbs. 
Various vendors.
Go Lightly Farm (formerly Paradise Gardens) 
Chevre, plain and herbed; order ahead bottled goat milk,
plain yogurt (use for best-ever salad dressing, creamed cukes, cold cucumber soup), 
may be ordered in half gallons, feta.
 PAMade Cheese--back next week.
Roman's buttercup yellow boutique butter. Farmstead butter is a great  gift.

Heilman's Pork: full range of cuts, new sausages! hot and sweet.

Beef: Harmony Hills full range of cuts and ground. EXTRA SOUP BONES.

Roman Miller's fat pastured chix: many cuts, whole chix, soup parts.
Puckerbrush: lamb back next week

My Goodies, gluten free apple pie & tart apple pie using Mott's Family Farm apples. 

Najat's full line Lebanese dips, stuffed breads, savories, desserts. 

Mediterra Bakehouse, all the crusty sweet and sourdoughs you love--plus desserts.

Rich Westerfield's Coffee, very special cups brewed just for you. 
urchase selected small-batch roasted beans. 
Mott's in jars: elderberry, spiced peach, sour cherry, 
strawberry and heirloom tomato chutney.
Next Life, Frankferd Farms organic pancake mixes.
Under the green awnings at historic No. 7 Firehouse & Bar Marco
Pittsburgh's first & largest mostly organic or CNG
(certified naturally grown) Farmers' Market  
Bring your own bags--reduce, reuse, recycle 

F@F Market is first market in Allegheny County to offer  

SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps) and debit cards. 

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