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Far too many youth lack the educational accessibility to healthy cooking and food instruction. In order to help the next generation to nurture themselves, they need to learn the natural art of cooking and the pleasures of eating slowly. Slow Food Pittsburgh members Rosemarie Perla and Kelsey Weisgerber are passionate about “cooking it forward” teaching the next generation of children how to cook good, clean and fair food. They have developed some simple guidelines that allow cooking adults to teach children in a small group. Through Slow Food Pittsburgh’s TAKC, Rosemarie and Kelsey would like to challenge all members to find youth in their neighborhood, place of worship, community or extended family and teach them simple cooking skills.


• To inspire slow food members and other adults to teach children about good, clean and fair -- cooking and eating.

• To be a catalyst for positive change by providing healthy cooking and eating experiences to youth. 

• To create teaching environments in which youth develop a new relationship with food, positively changing their approach to eating and cooking. 


• Teach youth through demonstration, hands on instruction and interactive dialogue

• Create opportunities for connection around food for friends and family to cook together and eat around a table--slowly

• Empower youth with food education

• Motivate & Move into action Slow Food members to share and teach their passion for food and cooking to youth 


Slow Food Pittsburgh ( and Marty’s Market present:

“Teach a Community to Cook”


Teaching kids to cook is a hot-button issue these days. Lots of parents want to get their kids started but are not sure how to begin, what to do, or how and when to do it. It’s not rocket science. Making food can be fun, easy and has a big pay-off:

1) something good to eat and 2) independence.  

Come to Marty’s Market in the Historic Strip District. 

Adults and Children (ages 8 years to 15 years of age) are welcomed. 

Classes are scheduled in 2014 for 12:30 – 2:00 pm

Saturdays on these dates: 

March 15

May 17

July 19

Sept 20

November 15 


Go to: www.martysmarket/events to register. Class cost is $10.00 per participant. 

Sign up soon as classes are limited to 8.    

In this class you will learn about:

How to shop for vegetables

How to use a knife and chop vegetables       

How to be safe in the kitchen 

How to make a healthy vegetable and grain dish     

How to enjoy sitting around a table and eating together 


You can go home and cook a dinner together for the family in 20 minutes! Space limited to 8 kids (ages 8 – 15 y.o.) and adults (21 – 90 y.o.) Sign up and see you at one of our classes this year!  

Read the Post-Gazette story about TAKC



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