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Grains Are Not Created Equal:
April 3 and 4
Taste and Learn with Grain Advocate Elizabeth Dyck 
and Artisan Baker Stefan Senders of Wide Awake Bakery
Agronomist Elizabeth Dyck bets you don't know what grain tastes like.
She is an influential voice for rare and heritage grain in the Northeast, 
and she's coming to Pittsburgh April 3 and 4 with artisan baker Stefan Senders of 
Wide Awake Bakery near Ithaca.
They plan to offer Pittsburgh's food community a grain awakening.There'll be 
 hands-on opportunities  to taste for yourself how not all grain is created equal.
This is a first-for-Pittsburgh experience with a grain expert--mentor to growers and chefs-- 
and a baker with a cult following for bread baked exclusively with flour grown and 
milled a few miles from his bakery.
Who is this program for?
Chefs, bakers, distillers, brewers, food students, home cooks, grain growers, 
distributors and food educators. 
Day One, Sunday, April 3
Chatham University, 1-4 pm
Baking demo, series of blind tastings, relaxed potluck buffet featuring premium array of grain-inspired foods
by guest chefs and bakers, with sampling of local grain-deived beverages. 
Fee: $20, Slow Food members, $25 non-members, food professionals and students admitted free. 
Everyone, even those admitted free, must register for the April 3 program, using the REGISTER FOR SUNDAY, APRIL 3 link below.
Day Two, Monday, April 4
Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse, 9-3 pm 
Intensive, hands-on class for professional and serious home bakers with Mr. Senders. 
He will discuss issues of baking with local flours and operating an artisan business. 
Lunch from The Thin Man Sandwich Shop included.
Fee: $100. Send check to Virginia Phillips, 265 Morrison Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15216.
Sponsors are Slow Food Pittsburgh, Chatham University's Food Studies Program, Wigle Whiskey and the Organic Grower's Research and Information-Sharing Network.
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