Laptop Butchershop

Laptop Butchershop

SFP's Laptop Butchershop celebrates eleven years of connecting Pittsburgh with organic and/or carefully-raised local meats and poultry. Animals are pastured, meaning they are raised outdoors on grass, the way nature intended. Some animals are fed grains, also carefully raised. The meat is exceptionally delicious and heart-healthy, rich in correctly balanced CLA's/nutrients. These products contain no additives, no antibiotics and no hormones. Many vendors allow you to pick the cuts and quantity you want--just like a real butchershop. Please understand: our producers work on a very small scale--this is why we love them! But, they must sell the whole animal, not just steaks, loins and chops so try roasts, ground meat and unusual cuts which can yield delicious results.

These animals also take time to "grow out." A cow born today will be ready for butchering in two or more years; a pig in one year; heritage turkeys in nine months; chickens in three months.

CSAs, small butchers and farm markets have made local and carefully-raised meats much more accessible so Laptop Butchershop is now an occasional occurence.

Our Vendors - these producers generally participate when we do offer Laptop Butchershop:


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Laptop Butchershop Logistics:

  1. Laptop is offered four times a year, generally once each season. Pick-ups are usually at Farmers@Firehouse market but Winter Laptop can be held at an indoor location.
  2. SFP sends an email announcing the pick-up date, location and the participating vendor product/price lists.
  3. Email vendors with orders by order cut-off day.
  4. Receive a confirmation email from vendor. If you do not hear from a vendor email again or call.
  5. Pay for your order on pick-up day with cash or checks.

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